Why Choose

CYA Strategies?

Well is there anything more frustrating than to be seen as financially successful by others while knowing deep down that you don't have your financial success mapped out and completely protected? 



Learn your options, so you can make an informed decision about your financial success.

Not knowing, should not be an option. Enroll in one of our online workshops to get a head start on your CYA plan of action. 



CYA Strategies are a team effort. Sayge Grubbs is a licensed lawyer in Alabama that has over a decade of asset protection experience. He is also an accredited business intermediary and a certified advanced business exit planner. Sayge leads the design of your custom CYA Strategy and helps you find the right team members like FAs and CPAs and even other attorneys when needed. 



A Custom CYA Strategy can cost thousands of dollars. This cost depends on how many of the 5 incomes a person has and the level of asset protection a person wishes to implement. Yet, the cost to CYA is cheap compared to the cost of losing it all due to a failure to plan. One devastating event can cost a person the majority of their assets, which could be hundreds of thousands or even millions.