CYA Strategies

It's not how much money you make, but how much money you keep, how hard it works for you, and how many generations you keep it for. --Robert Kiyosaki

Doesn't matter your definition of financial success. A CYA Strategy is the best plan of action to protect and build your financial success. --Sayge Grubbs, Esq.


6 Mistakes to AVOID

We see smart and financially successful people make the following 6 mistakes when they fail to CYA:

Basic Estate


As you reach  the higher income tax brackets, a regular estate plan fails to help you properly secure your loved ones' future.

Using the Wrong FA

Financial advisors are not all the same. Therefore, we teach you how to choose the right FA based on your goals.

LLCs and Corporations

Believing that LLCs and Corps. limit your liability can be dangerous. Learn how to separate personal and business interests.

Matching Income w/ Protection

People make income in only 5 ways. Coincidently, we teach the 5 levels of asset protection. Thus, we help match the two so you can live without fear of financial ruin.

No Exit or Retirement Strategy

The law of sowing and reaping ends with resting. Yet, too many high income people delay writing a plan to exit their business or retiring from a lucrative career.

Lack of 

Trust Knowledge

The right type of trust can be essential to protect and build financial success. Knowing the various types can help you have your financial cake and eat it to.


“A CYA strategy is like being a pro-bowler and they let you bowl with the kid rails up so you don't end up in the gutter" 

M. Johnson
Retired NFL Player 

Ready to find out more?

A CYA Strategy starts with an understanding of the 5 levels of income and the 5 levels of asset protection. We host a monthly ZOOM call training to teach these key starting points. In addition, we do a free CYA evaluation during the training. CLICK the GET FREE EVALUATION button below so we can send you the ZOOM link and training replay should you miss your schedule time.